Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The List

Bruce Bateman wrote in the Saipan Tribune's opinion section today. I think you should all read it. Check out his article here.

About that list....I think it's pretty useless. If anything, it makes us look bad. I say it was their last minute attempt at saving themselves. We all know that the hearings that will decide the fate of the Commonwealth are about to begin in the U.S. Congress. They're supposed to present a number of things, and one of them is labor and immigration. This list was their attempt to show Congress that we could handle our own labor and immigration. Apparently, we can't. The list was apparently inaccurate. In addition to being inaccurate, this list of theirs was in no particular order. You'd think that if they really wanted to get rid of the problem there would have been a better list available. Also, if they really wanted to fix the problem, why did they only come up with the list now?

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Bev said...

Hi! About that hike in Dan Dan. I'm really bad with directions cause I've only been here like 5 months! You know how you go up the hill towards Lao Lao beach but the road splits and you can turn right towards Dan Dan? Well, you take that road all the way down and turn left on a little street called Sunrise. You just drive down that road and stop at the end. There is a trail that takes you to the cliffs. I hope I made sense=(